Lists. Always With The Lists.

Coming in at #6 on Sperling's "Most Stressful Places to Live," is Portland Oregon. Never to be outdone by my hometown Bakersfield California, at #34. My apologies go out to Fresyes, as Fresno falls in line at #45.

The number one spot went to Tacoma Washington whose "residents contend with one of the highest divorce rates in the country." With only 53 days of sunshine per year on average, high property crime and suicide rates, "Tacomans can feel safe from bodily harm thanks to the low violent crime rate."

As for Bakersfield? I hear that Bakersfieldians have the lowest rate of cataracts, heart disease, and Alzheimer's in the US. What do they attribute that to? According to
Self Magazine's April 2004 edition, alcohol has many illness fighting qualities.