Attention US Festival Fans!

ICON Television Music, UNUSON (Unite Us In Song) and Plum Moving Media have announced a release date, Sept. 3, 2012, for The US Generation - a documentary of the 1982 US Festival. 

According to Carlos Harvey of UNUSON (the company Steve Wozniak formed during the US Festival days), "This film is the only authorized and sanctioned documentary of the 1982 US Festival. It captures the cultural essence of the festival and tells the behind-the-scenes stories the fans will appreciate. I’ve had thousands of calls & emails from attendees over the years about when we'll release a film about the US Festival. After 30 years it seems like the right time so the fans can relive the experience and we can create new fans too." 

The release of The US Generation will coincide with the 30th anniversary of the original US Festival which took place over Labour Day weekend in 1982 in the foothills of San Bernardino, California. It was 110 degrees the first day of the festival when the first band, Gang of Four, took the stage on opening day and the rest is precious history

The original three-day US Festival (the second was held in May 1983) was funded by $12.5 million of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak's own dollars who at the time was still vice president of the company. Wozniak declared, "I want to throw the party of the century!"

Wozniak paid for the construction of an outdoor concert pavilion (now The San Manuel Amphitheater) which included a temporary stage built with the largest sound system in the world at the time and five large tents which housed the US Festival Technology Exposition.

Day one of the festival included performances by The Ramones, The English Beat, Oingo Boingo, The B-52's, and The Police. Day two featured The Cars, The Kinks, and Pat Benatar, and the final day (Sunday) included The Grateful Dead, Jackson Browne, and Fleetwood Mac.

Watch Steve Wozniak's animated Apple IIe floppy disk-based invitation to the US Festival.

According to the filmmakers the 90-minute documentary will include never-before-seen and digitally re-mastered concert footage, with an "intermingling of history," and "anecdotal stories as told by and seen through the eyes of the event participants." 

Steve Wozniak: "The US Festival was not a charity event. It was a rock concert to bring music, technology and people together. It was an event to unite government, industry, science and education to improve the quality of life for everyone." 

Photo: Richard Auger via The US Generation Documentary
Quoted material: The US Generation