Remember The Eighties Has Returned As This Is Not Retro.

Closed for redevelopment since the end of 2011, great friend of the Waist High program Richard Evans has launched his new website This Is Not Retro something he says that he has wanted to do for ages:

When I started the website (Remember the Eighties) back in 2002 I had no particular ambitions for it, it was simply an exercise in building websites which was something I was very new to back then. I had an idea for a website that would update people on all the current news from artists usually associated with the 80s, because I wanted a website like that and I couldn't find one, but I didn't really spend much time thinking about the name and RememberTheEighties worked well enough at the time.

Over the last ten years however there's been loads of 80s nostalgia stuff going on, and a increasing number of the artists I was keen to cover were put off getting involved with the website simply because it used the word 'eighties' in the title. Quite rightly they wanted to distance themselves from the negative associations that surrounded the word and I actually started thinking about new names a few years ago.

This Is Not Retro can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.