Greg Ham Of Men At Work Has Died.

58-year-old Greg Ham, known best for his work with Men at Work, was found dead in his home in a suburb of Melbourne on Thursday morning. Ham was found by concerned friends who had not heard from him for more than a week. 

Police in Melbourne are not releasing any details at this time but Detective Senior Sergeant Shane O'Connell said there were, "several unexplained circumstances surrounding the death."

Ham played several instruments for Men at Work and is perhaps best known for the flute solo in "Down Under" and the saxophone in "Who Can It Be Now?" 

Colin Hay issued a statement today: 

I met Greg Ham 40 years ago, at Kim Gyngell’s house in 1972. Last year of high school. He had blond hair, rosy cheeks, ridiculously bright eyes, and along with Gyngell, was the funniest person I knew. He was sharp, real sharp. We were friends from then on, we liked each other. 

He lived for a while in Park Street in St Kilda, in a communal household, which was the best of times. The best parties ever. 

Greg took up the saxophone and flute during this time, he was always practicing. He got really good. We shared countless, unbelievably memorable times together, from stumbling through Richmond after playing the Cricketers Arms, to helicoptering into New York City, to appear on Saturday Night Live, or flying through dust storms in Arizona, above the Grand Canyon, or getting lost, driving aimlessly through the Gippsland countryside. 

We played in a band and conquered the world together. 

I love him very much. He’s a beautiful man. He never lost his love and passion for music, and indeed taught music to kids over the last few years. He was a great teacher, and they loved him. 

The saxophone solo on Who Can It Be Now, was the rehearsal take. We kept it, that was the one. He’s here forever. 

I’m thinking about his family, and hoping they are receiving the love and support they need and deserve.