Nile Rodgers Talks About "Original Sin's" Original Lyrics.

Nile Rodgers, hired by INXS in 1983 to produce "Original Sin," says the original lyrics for the song were a little different... 

"The original lyrics were 'Dream on white boy, dream on white girl,' Rodgers says. I said 'Why not make it black boy white girl?' I come from an inter-racial couple. 

"Psychologically that makes it a bigger statement. Even when I rang up Daryl Hall from Hall and Oates to sing on it his manager thought it was too controversial. But I think the record would have been bigger (in the US - it peaked at No.58) had I not talked them into changing the lyrics." 

Daryl Hall, who sang on the choruses on "Original Sin," said that Nile asked him to "come down to the studio because they wanted me to sing on it for some reason. I don't know why because they're good singers, they didn't need me but I did it anyway." 

Photo and quote: Weekender Playground via AdelaideNow