The 30-Day Depeche Mode Challenge.

Care to join Waist High in the latest 30-day Depeche Mode Challenge (#30dayDM) which begins today and will continue into Mar. 1 for the 30th day. See what you think and pass amongst your friends, the more the merrier. 

Seemingly inspired by And Then...A Depeche Mode Blog, the self confessed Depeche Mode/Martin Gore obsessed @adelemitch looks forward to seeing all your tweets, and will try and keep track of all the answers and compile an analysis at the end of the challenge.

Here goes, Day 1 - Your all-time favorite Depeche Mode song:

@thewaisthigh "The Sun & The Rainfall" 30 years on & I still don't really know what this song is about

The last track on 1982's A Broken Frame, "The Sun & The Rainfall" was haunting to the 14-year-old that I was at the time and the cover of said album frightened me. I wanted to know who this woman was in this painting, what was she doing, and what was a "broken frame"? My 43-year-old-self now knows this was a photograph which was shot in Hertfordshire, just off the Motorway M11, somewhere around here, and it was shot by Brian Griffin who said that all the effects were achieved in camera.

Inspired by Kazimir Malevich's Reaper, Brian Griffin said "She's supposed to look like a Russian peasant reaping corn with her scythe. It's life and death really, and I think that is what touches people about this image - the impending death, which is inevitable, coming towards you.No wonder I was frightened.

You can read all about The Reapers, Brian Griffin and Kate Bush at The KT Bush Fan, and for $900 you can buy a Limited Edition A Broken Frame print here.

Let the 30-day Depeche Mode Challenge begin! (#30dayDM)

Photo: Brian Griffin via Depeche Mode