30-Day Depeche Mode Challenge - Day 10.

A song from the album you think is the most underrated

@thewaisthigh #30dayDM Day 10 - song from album most underrated "The Sun & The Rainfall" from A Broken Frame - a perfect album

I have never hidden my love for my favorite Depeche Mode album A Broken Frame and just assumed that everyone else loved it just as much. HOW WRONG I WAS. 10 days into the 30-Day Depeche Mode Challenge, (which is being tended to by the world's most serious DM devotees by the way), and I now know that not only is A Broken Frame one of DM's most underrated albums but one of their most unloved as well.

The album was the band's second studio release and their first following the departure of Vince Clarke. Clarke's departure thrust Martin Gore into the position of chief songwriter (the duty previously held by Clarke) for A Broken Frame which one reviewer said was the birth of the real Depeche, "but it's an ugly birth..." I believe this new position produced some of Depeche Mode's all-time greatest songs, BUT even Martin Gore disagrees with me; in 2006 he called A Broken Frame "our worst album."

Might I add that the videos for A Broken Frame ("See You," "Leave In Silence," "The Meaning of Love") were promotional only and never commercially available, possibly hindering exposure for this breathtaking synth-driven album.

Great art, said Roy Adzak, is "what it does to us" and for me one of the most important features of great music is its profound ability to imprint a precise set of emotions in our memories; we remember the places we were, the people we were with, and the feelings we were experiencing when we first listened to the perfect album or the perfect song. A Broken Frame, for me, is perfect. A Broken Frame is perfect because of the emotional charge I get when I hear it. A Broken Frame takes me to the places that I was and to the beloved people that I was with when I was 14 years old. What A Broken Frame does to me is make me feel really good.

Photo: The Waist High Collection