For The Phantasmagoria Lover In You.

Rat Scabies is selling an original autographed Rat Scabies Phantasmagoria Bass Drum skin which is part of the Rat Scabies "Under the Bed Collection." 

A perfect Christmas gift for the Damned fan in your life. Bogoff Special Offer - up for grabs is the original Phantasmagoria logo bass drum skin which used to adorn the front of my kit throughout the 1980's. 

There was only ever one of these made for me and the head itself is a 22' Remo Weatherking and is in good condition except for a bit of a dent and some missing paint where I kicked it one night during a fit of pique. I'm also including an Anything tour set list that was written on to one of my floor tom skins. The set list is elegantly drawn on to an 18" Premier TS head by none other than top pop chimp Slouch, which he signed and dated (BSA 1986). There is a fun play on words as he wrote out the song titles in a somewhat pithy manner expecting me to enjoy the decoding process while performing.

The front skin features in most of the MCA video's ("Shadow of Love," "Is It a Dream," etc.) as well as many of the TV performances that the band gave during the period (Top of the Pops, Rock Around the Dock etc. etc. etc). I will of course provide a letter of provenance to the lucky winner. 

Bids are now at £201.99. 

Photo and material: Rat Scabies via ebay.co.uk