It's Official - Culture Club Are Back!

Culture Club have reformed after 10 years and are set to play the Sydney Resolution Concert Series on New Year's Eve on Glebe Island in Australia. "Last time we got together was 10 years ago so it takes that long to recover from the last time we worked with each other," Roy Hay told Seven's Sunrise today.

Watch the video announcement here.

The band has promised to play all their classic hits plus some of their new songs. "That's the thing that makes us want to come back and do it, is to write new songs and put some new material out as well as play the old ones," Hay said.

Boy George added: "The nostalgia thing is ok but it's a bit limited so for us to come and do this and enjoy it we need to kind of do something new and incorporate the two things, the past and now."

Photo: YAHOO!7 TV