5 Days To Go To Get Debora Iyall's Singing Until Sunrise Fully Funded.

With just 5 days left Debora's Kickstarter project Singing Until Sunrise is 84% funded with only $1,284 to go. The 12" vinyl EP Singing Until Sunrise, which will include a new take on Romeo Void's "A Girl in Trouble (is a Temporary Thing)," will be fully funded at $8,000 - so if you have not already done so - head over to the project page and let's make this happen!

Pledges begin at $5.00.

Debora recently added more of her artwork as reward for support including a marker and oil original from a Romeo Void & Translator show at San Francisco's Mabuhay Gardens for a $350 pledge which sold almost immediately, but still available at this hour are several relief prints including "Winter Spirit" for a $59 pledge, and "Horse Girl" for a $65 pledge.

Photos: Debora Iyall