Nasher - Live From My Living Room Part 2 - Today At Noon.

Brian Nash, former Frankie Goes To Hollywood guitarist and solo performer since 2000 who is now "the only surviving King Of Pop," is set to play PART 2 of LIVE FROM MY LIVING ROOM today at noon (PDT) on Stageit

Stageit is an online concert venue where artists broadcast LIVE and interactive performances directly to the fans and it works something like this: the artist sets the date, time, and ticket price of their show and fans can then buy tickets using "Notes" (10 Notes = $1). Fans then watch the show at the scheduled time where they can also interact with the performer through a chat feature and then show their support through a virtual Tip Jar.

Nasher also added that there is "No parking, no last train, no getting your glad rags on. Get involved people. Pop genius live into your living room and you don't even have to take your slippers off."

NASHER - LIVE FROM MY LIVING ROOM PART 1, which broadcast on Aug. 1, lasted about two hours and featured some of "his solo stuff, a few interesting covers and a handful of his Frankie classics, including a lovely version of 'The Power Of Love.'"

Nasher asked, "What else ya gonna do, watch the fucking telly?"

Photo: Brian Nash
Quote: Starstruck via foreverdelayed.org.uk