The Clutter Of Pop - A Project By Dave Allen.

Dave Allen, founding member of Shriekback and Gang of Four, current director of Insights & Digital Media at NORTH, and Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Oregon, has launched a Kickstarter project entitled The Clutter of Pop - A vinyl album and book project.

Grown out of Dave's work with students in his Digital Brand Strategy class at the UofO, the financial goal for the The Clutter of Pop - A vinyl album and book project is $12,000 and at it's heart, "is not about a return to vinyl or a move away from the ease of use of digital music, it's simply about a passion for the vinyl record album and the hope that musicians will keep releasing vinyl recordings of their work and that people like yourself will continue to buy and collect them."

Allen says his students grew up, "surrounded by digital devices and technology. When it comes to music they have known only digitized files in the CD and MP3 formats. I realized that I wanted them to build something that isn't digital, that exists as a tactile piece to be enjoyed, to be held and, in this case, to be listened to."

"We all interact with music at a primal level," says Allen. Digital recording, which all major record companies had adopted by 1982, has removed "a great deal of the feeling that we respond to when we hear great music."

As of this writing the project is 15% backed with 43 days to go and will only be funded if the goal is met by April 22.

So music lovers! For all the years of pleasure that Dave Allen's music and vinyl recordings have given you, please join Waist High in supporting The Clutter of Pop - A vinyl album and book project. Or, to just learn more click here.

Video and quotes: Dave Allen