Blancmange Have Launched Their New Website.

An enduring favorite here at the Waist High program, Blancmange launched their brand new website on Tuesday and have invited fans to "come along and have a nosey round @ blancmange.co.uk."

In addition to the new site, "Stephen Luscombe & Neil Arthur emerge into the sunlight with a 21st Century Blancmange LP - blanc burn due for release March 7th 2011. Blancmange continue their journey as the 'maiden aunts of electronic music' Daniel Miller (Mute Records) - the godfathers being Kraftwerk."

Out of the public eye for many years, in 2010 the British electronica band Faithless sampled Blancmange's 1982 song "Feel Me" on their album The Dance, and Stephen and Neil "have also been cited as an influence on charttoppers La Roux, who invited Neil to go and watch their show last year," Hot Chip, and LCD Sound System.
The new album can be found at amazon.co.uk, hmv.com, and play.com, and tickets for the upcoming Blancmange UK tour, which begins March 6 at the O2 ABC in Glasgow, can be purchased at Artist Tickets and Live Nation.