John Lydon Defends Price Tag Of New Book.

John Lydon says he will not make any money from the $675 price tag of his new 250-page coffee table book Mr. Rotten's Scrapbook, an "intimate journey through John Lydon’s life, from inception to now, in high quality pictures and hand written text commentary."

The price for the book was $568 to pre-order and went up December 1, "but Lydon is adamant the cover price is justified - because the book was 'extremely expensive' to put together. He tells MOJO magazine, 'It's been extremely expensive to make. There won't be no (sic) profit margin to speak of.'"

Lydon says the book is "chunky - it has to be to fit in the 12-inch vinyl...So yeah, this is a family book, for fans. Those who want to join in, that's the cost. I'm not asking you to buy it, you don't have to."

The publishers of Mr. Rotten's Scrapbook "have also included a fun competition for fans - 100 copies contain Willy Wonka-style golden tickets which entitle the winner to a 10-minute webchat with Lydon."

John Lydon introduces his book here, and for those that don't like him they can, "fuck off..."

Photo: johnlydon.com