It’s a Mad Halargian World.

27 years after my grandparents drove me to the record store in their Dodge Dart to purchase The Hurting, I have finally found out what the final line of "Mad World" is, and it ain't "enlarging your world..."

Curt Smith revealed yesterday that with the "again-resurgent popularity (of 'Mad World'), I'm getting asked more frequently about the last line on the album version from The Hurting, a line which I occasionally also sing in concert.

"The actual line is: 'Halargian world.'

"(Not 'illogical world,' 'raunchy young world'(!), 'enlarging your world,' or a number of other interesting if not amusing guesses.)

"The real story: Halarge was an imaginary planet invented by either Chris Hughes or Ross Cullum during the recording of The Hurting. I added it as a joke during the lead vocal session, and we kept it.

"And there you have it."

Material: Curt Smith