Lupe Fiasco Says New Album Is A Tribute To Joy Division.

Rapper and producer Lupe Fiasco has revealed that the debut album by his post-punk group Japanese Cartoon, In The Jaws Of The Lords Of Death, is a tribute to Joy Division. 

From NME: "The true inspiration for Japanese Cartoon is the band Joy Division," Fiasco told complex.com. "You ever watch footage of Joy Division singing? Ian Curtis is like a straight nerd. And he doesn't look like the rock and roll type. But when he got on stage, he became a completely different animal, like he was having a seizure on stage." 

He added: "When he was performing he just threw himself into the performance, but when he came off stage he was a mild-mannered person. Japanese Cartoon is like a tribute to Joy Division and Ian Curtis."

In The Jaws Of The Lords Of Death is available as a free download at allsabotage.com