Happy 25th Birthday Rhyme & Reason.

The second album from Missing Persons, Rhyme & Reason features so many of the greats: "Windows," "Give," "Walking in L.A.," "I Like Boys," "Right Now," "The Closer That You Get," and "Surrender Your Heart."

25 years later and I still stand in awe of this great album, this great band, and of the woman who remains untouched in her off-the-fucking-charts cool factor.

Utopia Artists biography had this to say about Rhyme & Reason: It has something to astonish the listener at every turn. The music is clashing and hard-edged, while also being jazzy and subtle, and the repertoire has expanded to include powerful rock songs, ripping guitar solos, barely-there gently strummed acoustic guitar. The best thing about this album is how cohesively the arrangements manage to be seamless and yet show each member at their very best. The songs are stunningly well crafted and complex, and as if that is not enough, the beautiful black and white photography of Helmut Newton emphasizes the contrasts found on the album.