MTV And Absolute 80s Team Up To Find The "Greatest Song Of The 80s."

Absolute 80s, "the UK's only 80s radio station," has joined with MTV to find the Greatest Song of the 80s

Voting began last week and will close August 7. The winning song will be announced on August 21 on Absolute 80s, VH-1, and MTV Classic. 

Absolute 80s DJ Christian O'Connell said, "The 80s was the decade when over-crimped and over hair sprayed hair was a thing to applaud, rather than a thing to recoil from in horror and a time when a series of iconic music moments were born. This will truly be a nostalgia trip searching for the best song of the decade!" 

From MTV: Power ballads, power dressing, big hair, the death of punk and the birth of new musical movements like electro, shock pop and the New Romantics - the 80s might have been the decade taste forgot, but it provided some of the most memorable moments in music history! Live Aid rocked the world, while the likes of Boy George and Madonna shocked the world. The 80s inspired a generation to express themselves through music, fashion and a change in the world attitude - and its influence can still be seen and heard today. 

MTV says that their "esteemed panel of music experts" put together the list of 125 of the most era defining songs from the 80s. 

Vote for the Greatest Song of the 80s here

Photo: Absolute 80s 
Quotes: Radio Today & MTV