Strummerville - A Don Letts Film Now Available On DVD.

Debuting at SXSW in March, Strummerville is now available exclusively at strummerville.com.

From The Clash Blog: Joe Strummer's untimely death in December 2002 sent shockwaves around the world of music and beyond. Yet friends and family were determined that his spirit would live on. In this documentary, Don Letts shows how Joe's unique contribution to the music world is manifesting itself through a charity set up in his memory - Strummerville. The film features contributions from supporters and founders of the charity, including Billy Bragg, Damien Hirst, plus wonderful footage of Strummer himself. 

Don Letts and Joe Strummer go back to 1977 when punk broke in the UK and Don was working as a DJ at the Roxy. Don would spin reggae records during breaks in the punk sets and is credited with being one of the first DJ's to bring reggae and punk together. Don is one of the co-founders of Big Audio Dynamite and won a Grammy Award for Westway to the World - his documentary on The Clash.