Electropunk Band Nude Rework Heaven 17's "Let Me Go."

"Drum'n Bass smashers, Electro and Bigbeat, Breakbeat and psycodelic" band Nude have covered Heaven 17's 1982 classic "Let Me Go," and according to the band Glenn Gregory has personally approved the remix. 

Nude said on Monday, "The main intention why we made a remix or adaption of 'Let Me Go' is that (I) loved this song for a very long time. We didn't just want to do a remix, but a new song with our own 'nude touch' if I might say so." 

The single has 4 different tracks, "featuring Nude's new member Tweeky from Sweden. Nude are Isabelle Gernand, Georgie Weeratunga, Marc Werner, David Ahlund, Johannes Buchner and Flo Stossberg. The backing vocals on this cover were by Beatrix Thomas and Lee Weeratunga." 

The official video for Nude's cover of "Let Me Go" can be found here

Photo & quotes: Nude