Plimsouls Have Released Live! Beg, Borrow & Steal.

Making three records, the EP Zero Hour (1980), The Plimsouls (1981), and Everywhere at Once (1983) before disbanding, the Plimsouls were one of the great bands to come out of early 1980s Los Angeles. Known for their supercharged live performances, the Plimsouls achieved their widest commercial success when the song "A Million Miles Away" was picked up by L.A.'s KROQ and given significant airplay on the station (thanks to Rodney Bingenheimer) and then included on the Valley Girl soundtrack in 1983.

The Plimsouls broke up in 1986 but have reunited from time to time over the years and in this, Live! Beg, Borrow & Steal, fans have a chance to hear one of the band's notable live shows which was recorded in October 1981 at the Whisky-A-Go-Go. From Plimsouls Facebook Discography: Almost three decades after the fact, that show has been released on CD under the title Live! Beg, Borrow & Steal, and one spin makes it clear why these guys could pack the house in L.A. -- the Plimsouls could mix pop hooks and rock & roll energy with the best of ‘em, and their sense of history and ear for what makes a great tune were all but infallible.

Peter Case has a richly deserved reputation as an ace songwriter and top-shelf rock & roll singer, but his bandmates were every bit as strong as he was this evening, and guitarist Eddie Muñoz, bassist Dave Pahoa, and drummer Lou Ramirez sound as precise as a Swiss watch while kicking out the big beat with heart, soul, and plenty of sweat. Anyone who thinks of the Plimsouls as another skinny-tie pop band gets schooled by the revved-up power of "Women" and "Everyday Things," and their R&B roots get a thorough airing with stellar covers of "Jump, Jive and Harmonize," "Dizzy Miss Lizzy," and "Who Do You Love?"

The Plimsouls were a couple years away from their best album, Everywhere at Once, but a few of its songs are already in the set list, and "A Million Miles Away" already sounds like an instant classic. And if having the Fleshtones (who opened the show) join in for "New Orleans" and "Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!" doesn't exactly make the show tighter, they certainly boost the party atmosphere to the next level. If you loved the Plimsouls, Live! Beg, Borrow & Steal will instantly remind you why they were one of the best bands of the early '80s, and if you've never given them a listen, this is good enough to make anyone with ears a believer.