Paul Hardcastle To Re-Release "19."

25 years after its original release, Paul Hardcastle has made a new version of his anti-war song "19" and has updated it to reflect the fighting in Afghanistan. 

The first single from Paul's third studio album Paul Hardcastle, "19" went to the top of the U.S. Hot Dance Club Songs chart in 1985, and reached #1 in the UK and eight other countries. 

The song tells the story of the United States' involvement in Vietnam and features dialogue from the documentary Vietnam Requiem in which it was claimed that the average age of an American combat soldier in the war was nineteen. 

The reworked song, "was inspired by the death of his son's friend George Sparks, a Royal Marine killed during the conflict. 'I shouldn't have to be the messenger, but I have got a voice to actually do that,' he said. 'I was the one that made that record so I think if someone else had done it, it might have been different.'" 

Hardcastle added that "he has support from serving soldiers and their relations. 'When I get the letters and emails from some of the families, people that have actually been out there, serving there now and they say we're really proud of what you're doing, then to me there is no better accolade.'" 

"19" will be released Apr. 19. 

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