The Head On The Door Turns 25.

The sixth album by The Cure, The Head on the Door is a staff favorite here at Waist High and is in our opinion the most "Cure" of all Cure albums. Released in August 1985 The Head on the Door was the Cure album in which Robert Smith first took our favorite hobby at the time, "gloom and doom," and made it fun and danceable. 

And fun we had during the 1985/86 Head Tour
Their first album as a full band since 1982's Pornography, The Head on the Door was also the first Cure album to appeal beyond those of us that loved to be gloomy and doomy and was not just a collection of singles on a record but a seamless narrative. 

The first single released from The Head on the Door was track one, "In Between Days," released in July 1985, and the second single was "Close to Me," released in September. The Head on the Door also includes the greats "Kyoto Song," "The Blood," "Six Different Ways," "Push," "The Baby Screams," "Close to Me," "A Night Like This," "Screw," and "Sinking." 

The Head on the Door was remastered in 2006 and includes assorted live tracks and demos, and the four b-sides "The Exploding Boy," "A Few Hours After This," "A Man Inside My Mouth," and "Stop Dead." 

The Head on the Door is featured in the book 1,000 Recordings To Hear Before You Die (A Listener's Life List), which is said to be the "musical adventure of a lifetime." 

The Cure at the time of the recording was Boris Williams on drums, Simon Gallup on bass, Robert Smith, Porl Thompson, Lol Tolhurst, and Ron Howe on saxophone on "A Night Like This." 

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