John Lydon Says He Regrets Bringing Sid Vicious Into The Sex Pistols.

Says Lydon: "I'm sorry, God, for the day I brought Sid into the band. He felt so isolated, poor old Sid, because he wasn't the sharpest knife on the block."

In an interview with
The Independent he added: "The best aspect of his character, which was his humour, just vanished the day he joined the Pistols."

The singer also declared that he gets "annoyed" when new bands copy his style and singled out Liam Gallagher for criticism.

"I'm still hearing records coming out that mimic our style, but they don't give us credit," he explained. "I'm a bit annoyed, because I've never done anything in my life to be like somebody else. Oasis annoy me, you know? The voice annoys me. He could've come up with his own thing."

Photo: AP via guardian.co.uk