Happy 25th Birthday "Here Comes The Rain Again."

The third single from the album Touch, "Here Comes the Rain Again" was the second Eurythmics song to make it into the US Top 10. Touch was the third album from Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart, and their first UK #1. Touch also featured "Right By Your Side," and "Who's That Girl?"

The song, falling somewhere in WAIST HIGH'S TOP TEN, draws a "comparison between the painful and tragic feelings of unrequited love with falling rain." Speaking of "Here Comes the Rain Again," yours truly heard Annie Lennox comment that the song's message is one of "triumph over despair."

Dave Stewart, in a concert for A&E during the Eurythmics "Peacetour" revealed that the lyrics to the song "came into being after an argument between himself and Lennox while they were doing some songwriting in New York City's Columbus Hotel."

The Eurythmics are the UK's most successful duo ever.