Happy 25th Birthday The Age Of Consent.

The first full length album from Bronski Beat, The Age of Consent featured the groundbreaking "Smalltown Boy," the band's debut single. "Smalltown Boy" went to #3 in the UK and was one of the first songs to bring the issue of homophobia into the mainstream. The song is the tale of a boy who is cast away from home for being gay. The video shows Jimmy Somerville running away from home, trying to make friends at a swimming pool, and being attacked by a homophobic gang.

Although many groups "in the early to mid '80s had an openly gay image, Bronski Beat were one of the first groups to openly address the gross inequality experienced by gay people in society."

The second single from The Age of Consent, "Why?" went to #6 in the UK, and the third single, "It Ain't Necessarily So," made it into the UK top 20.

Photo: The Waist High Collection
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