Heaven 17 To Release New Album.

Naked as Advertised is a newly recorded album by Heaven 17 featuring tracks derived from their live set as well as a few real collectors items of oddities and rarities. There is even one brand new, never heard before Heaven 17 song, "Don't Fall."

Some of these tracks reach back into the very earliest days of Heaven 17. Re-visited and re-worked they sound as fresh today as they ever did.

A beautiful version of The Associates' "Party Fears Two," originally performed at the Billy Mackenzie memorial concert, makes you take a second look at this classic and beautiful song.

There are even tracks that pre-date Heaven 17 with covers of the original Human League songs "Being Boiled," and "Empire State Human," the latter sounding as if it would be quite at home in the soundtrack of A Clockwork Orange, the film from which Heaven 17 took their name.

There is also a version of their classic hit "Temptation," featuring Billie Godfrey on vocals, and as anyone that has ever seen them play live will testify, this just has to be heard. Billie takes this always-classic diva moment to a brand new high.

Originally recorded to go along side the forthcoming Steel City tour, Naked as Advertised stands proudly alongside any previous Heaven 17 album, beautiful, crafted, quirky, eccentric, and completely listenable. This album is a must for any Heaven 17 fan and will probably create quite a few more fans along its way.

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