Happy 25th Birthday Suicidal Tendencies.

Suicidal Tendencies was the debut album from Suicidal Tendencies, and one of only a handful of non-new wave records that Waist High allowed to be played in her midst during the summer of 1983.

Suicidal Tendencies became one of the best-selling hardcore punk albums of the time.

"Included on the album is 'Institutionalized,' possibly the band's most popular song after two decades. In the song, the narrator describes how, despite his claims to the contrary, his overbearing parents suspect he is using drugs and verging on a nervous breakdown. The song ends with them finally deciding to send him to a mental institution."

Critic Ira Robbins writes "that, 'Institutionalized' is one of the era's quintessential expressions of teen dislocation, it converts generation gap misunderstandings into a complete communications breakdown, encapsulating all the punk sociology of such films as Repo Man and Suburbia in four minutes."

The video for the song, "was one of the first hardcore punk videos to receive substantial airplay on MTV."

The album also features the greats, "Subliminal," "Suicide's an Alternative/You'll Be Sorry," and "I Saw Your Mommy..."

Band members at the time of the recording were Mike Muir (vocals), Grant Estes on guitar, Louiche Mayorga (bass and vocals), and Amery Smith on drums.

In 1993, "Muir and the later incarnation of the band re-recorded the entire album and released it as Still Cyco After All These Years, with (mostly) faithful recreations of the originals, plus 3 songs from the also then-unavailable Join the Army."

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