Happy 25th Birthday "Just Got Lucky."

A Waist High all-time favorite, the second single from JoBoxers made it into the UK Top 10 in June 1983, and went to #36 in the US.

Four of the five band members, all natives of Bristol, England, came together in 1980 as a new backing band for singer Vic Goddard called Subway Sect: guitarist Rob Marche; keyboardist Dave Collard; bassist Chris Bostock; and drummer Sean McLusky. Goddard and the band made one album together, Songs for Sale (1982), and toured but then split up.

The four musicians were running a second-hand clothing stall in a street market when they met American expatriate Dig Wayne, who was running his own stall; he joined them as lead singer, and the band was complete.

JoBoxers rode the rockabilly/Motown revival wave during "the early '80s that also included the Polecats, Roman Holliday and the Stray Cats." Their debut single "Boxerbeat," was actually a bigger hit than "Just Got Lucky," hitting #3 in the UK.

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