Happy 25th Birthday More Fun In The New World.

The fourth album by X, More Fun in the New World received critical praise from record reviewers, "particularly Rolling Stone and Playboy, who had long been stalwart supporters and fans of X and their sound," yet some of the band's loyal fan base from their early L.A. gigging days were left disappointed. Emotions were mixed with this album as fans felt the band had begun to take a "more commercial approach," while wisely or not so wisely "turning a blind eye to the emerging new wave scene that would soon overrun their city."

Christopher Connelly of Rolling Stone had this to say on Oct. 27, 1983: "This furious, fuzz-amped tear through the lives of the underclass and the willfully decadent comes close to justifying every extravagant claim ever made for this Los Angeles band. Without closing their eyes to the grief around them, X has supplanted the melancholia of Under the Big Black Sun with a firm determination to have fun. More Fun in the New World, the group's fourth LP, is an album of keen observations and vibrantly played music whose breadth and compassion may finally win X the audience they deserve."

More Fun in the New World was produced by Ray Manzarek and features "Breathless," "I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts," "Devil Doll," "We're Having Much More Fun," and the great "The New World."

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