"There Is A Force Looking Over All Those Who Attended West High."

This in response to Waist High's query, "I found this sketch. I wonder what the story is behind it?" to a fellow WHS alumni:

Legend has it that in 1964, just as work was getting under way on the new school, the work site was vandalized. Quite a bit of lumber was taken as well as some of the concrete foundation around the gym area was destroyed. No one was ever caught. When the workers returned to the site they had to clean up and arrangements were made to re-pour the foundation. Well, one of the workers during this repair work had a heart attack and died. It was said that the heat that day was nearly unbearable, and that had the workers not had to make up the day laying new concrete, he might not have had the heart attack.

During the dedication ceremony for the school the Superintendent honored this man and his family for their loss and called upon the Norse Gods to watch over the school from that point on so that a tragedy like that would never happen again. From that day on, the god Frehihg has been said to watch over West High. Frehihg is the Norse god of justice, peace and truth.

Over the years at West there have been people who have said they could see spirits reflected in the windows and in the clouds over the school. One report I'd heard was after one of the custodians had washed off the senior quad, the water mark appeared in the form of the image of Thore.

In my many years at West as a student and coach, there was one incident that made me a believer. It was when they were putting up the lights on the field. The band was out having a rehearsal when they turned on one of the bank of lights. I happened to be up in the press box and the shadow I saw on the field was in the clear shape of a Norseman looking figure, much like this:

I know it sounds weird but that's what I saw. From then on I believed in the legend. I believe there is a force looking over all those who (attend and) attended West High.

The sketch you found may be someone's experience with a vision they saw or their interpretation of the legend.

Material, used with permission: K. Willey