Happy 25th Birthday Sidekicks.

Released as Quick Step and Side Kick in the UK, Waist High favorite Sidekicks was the third album by the Thompson Twins and their first release as a trio. The album went to #2 in the UK. "The album has several different versions according to different territories, containing different tracks and different track order."

All the greats are featured on Sidekicks: "Love on Your Side," "Lies," "If You Were Here," "Judy Do," "Tears," "Watching," "We Are Detective," "Kamikaze," "Love Lies Bleeding," and "All Fall Out."

In March, Quick Step and Side Kick was "reissued in digitally remastered form. The original UK Arista master tapes were used and was put together by Edsel Records" in the UK. "It includes the bonus cassette remixes that originally appeared on the original cassette version of the album in 1983. It features a second CD which will include most major 12" versions and B-Sides, most of which will appear on CD for the very first time."

"This is really an essential album show casing what was good about the early 80s, a band willing to make pop music but also willing to do it in a creative way."

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