Happy 25th Birthday Construction Time Again.

The third proper studio album by Depeche Mode, Waist High favorite Construction Time Again was released in August 1983 and saw two shifts in Depeche Mode's sound. First, the lyrical content started to deepen, featuring lyrics dealing with more worldly issues, and secondly, their instrumentation started to take on darker textures, moving away from pure analog synthesizer sounds and instead making great use of new digital sampling techniques.

Black Celebration, released three years later, took this flavouring and cemented it as a permanent feature in DM's future works. This was the first DM album with Alan Wilder, who contributed two songs, "Two Minute Warning," and "The Landscape Is Changing."

"Construction Time Again features the great 'Love, In Itself,' one of the finest songs to come out of the era."

Construction Time Again was re-released in 2007 with a bonus DVD. It was released as a part of the third wave of re-issues. The first CD was remastered and was released on a CD/SACD hybrid. The bonus DVD includes the B-Sides, in addition to the single and B-Side for "Get the Balance Right," a one-off single recorded a little bit before the album. The album was released the way it was originally intended and doesn't include the bonus extended mix of "Everything Counts," but it does keep the reprise, and gives it its own track like the original. On some CD releases, it was a hidden track after "And Then..."

Like the other re-issues, the DVD includes a documentary on the album. The double-documentary discusses both "Get the Balance Right," and Construction Time Again, its two singles, the making of the cover, the lyrics, and the sampling aspect of the album. It also discusses Alan Wilder and Gareth Jones, a new member and a new engineer (respectively) and their impact on Depeche Mode's new sound. It also includes footage of the Construction Time Again tour. The documentary also has excerpts from the music video for "Get the Balance Right," which has so far been unreleased.

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