Luring Disco Dollies To A Life Of Vice.

"The first duo of electro pop Soft Cell release a remix album entitled Heat: The Remixes through Some Bizzare/Universal in June 2008. The double album includes around 25 brand new interpretations of many classic Soft Cell singles, plus key album tracks, b-sides and rarities. All the remixes featured on the album have been reworked by genuine fans of the band, resulting in the respectful updating of a seminal electronic era. An expanded digital edition, featuring additional bonus remixes not on the CD will also be available, and some of the key club mixes/dubs will also be released on DJ-only vinyl."

Final tracklisting and sequencing still to be confirmed, but key tracks are as follows:

Memorabilia-Cicada Remix, Seedy Films-Richard X Remix, Bedsitter-Manhattan Clique Remix, Sex Dwarf-The Grid Remix, Tainted Love-Paul Dakeyne Remix, Torch-Manhattan Clique Remix, Where The Heart Is-Marcas Lancaster Remix, Numbers-Spektrum Remix, Heat-Yer Man Remix, The Art Of Falling Apart-Atomizer Remix, A Man Can Get Lost-Marcello Remix, Secret Life-George Demure Remix, Surrender To A Stranger-MHC Remix, So-The Grid Remix, Frustration-Punx Soundcheck Remix, Chips On My Shoulder-Mark Moore & Kinky Roland Remix, Entertain Me-Kinky Roland Remix, Best Way To Kill-Nitewreckers Remix, Barriers-Dark Poets Remix, Her Imagination-Monkey Farm Frankenstein Remix

In related news, Some Bizarre Records has plans to re-release the band's albums Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret, Non-Stop Ecstatic Dancing, and This Last Night In Sodom in expanded packages.

Quoted material: myspace.com/softcellremixalbumofficial