Electronically Yours.

The Human League are set to perform the genre defining Dare in its entirety for the very first time to mark the 30th anniversary of the band. The London listings magazine Time Out confirmed the opening date at London Hammersmith Apollo on Saturday December 1, 2007.

With production and instrumentation years ahead of it's time, few electronic albums have come close to touching Dare's technical and melodic supremacy.

Dare has sold over 5 million copies worldwide - it's worldwide success saved Richard Branson's Virgin Records from bankruptcy in the early '80s - and the album was lovingly remastered by Simon Heyworth in 2002.

Whilst tracks from Dare have often been played in the past by the League, album gems such as "Do Or Die," and the Judge Dredd inspired "I Am The Law," have not been performed since 1982.

It was 25 years ago this month that "Don't You Want Me," the fourth and final single from Dare, reached #1 in the US. The other three singles include "The Sound of the Crowd," "Open Your Heart," and Waist High favorite "Love Action (I Believe in Love)."

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