Joy Division, Electronic and New Order Versus the World

Bernard Sumner has read the manuscript of David Nolan's new book Confusion, and has decided to contribute. Set to arrive in August, Confusion is the first and only biography of one of the world's most influential and secretive musicians. Sumner has added his thoughts and observations to David's text, put many previously private matters into context and had a right to reply on some of the more controversial aspects of the book.

Nolan says: "Bernard Sumner has read this book; it was vital that he be allowed to respond to some of the issues raised, particularly the very personal ones.

"To his credit, Bernard took a great deal of time and care offering his thoughts on the manuscript. As a result, where I had initially made a mistake, I have corrected it. Where his version differed to someone else's, I've included both. Where Bernard offers insight into something I could only have guessed at, I have added it verbatim."

Nolan is the author of I Swear I Was There: The Gig That Changed The World, a detailed book account of the Sex Pistols' gig at the Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester on June 4 1976. Voted by Channel Four television as one of the top three most important gigs of all time, the gig is featured in the films 24 Hour Party People and Control. Nolan is recognised as a world expert on the Manchester music scene.

Photo: Independent Music Press Publishers via neworderonline.com
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