"Roq Of The Eighties" Back On The Airwaves.

and now, everything really is fine with the world again.

(Courtesy of Waist High's good friends
Franklin Avenue:)

When KROQ refers to itself as "world famous," it's not just bragging. You can't underestimate the lasting impact KROQ had in the 1980s on the music industry, movies and MTV. These days, when you think of 1980s music that has stood the test of time, it's the stuff that KROQ played that you remember most.

Of course, KROQ eventually dumped the music that made it "world famous," evolving to its current more male-oriented, heavier sound. But it hasn't completely turned its back on its heritage: KROQ recently brought back its old "Roq of the 80s" format to its secondary HD Radio channel.

The spin-off station plays all of the classic 80s KROQ tracks (Depeche Mode to The Cure to Oingo Boingo to Romeo Void) and even includes KROQ's old 1980s station I.D.s. (No commercials or DJs too.) Since no one I've ever met actually owns an HD Radio (and I'm doubtful anyone will anytime soon), you can actually listen to KROQ-HD2 online.

Just go to
radiomat.com and scroll down to "Los Angeles." Then, click the "listen to" button next to KROQ-HD2. (Thanks to Radio-Info for the pointer.)