The summer of 2006 began with My Lovely Teenaged Daughter's high school graduation. An event whereby Waist High had to lay eyes upon individuals she wishes never to have to lay eyes upon again. Some of these individuals were (content removed by author), who have been known to (content removed by author), some were long lost former in-laws, and some were lady friends of My Lovely Teenaged Daughter's father "Rampart," also known as Waist High's former husband. Lady friend thought it would be completely appropriate to give My Lovely Teenaged Daughter's father "Rampart"/Waist High's former husband a sensual neck massage during the ceremony.

Waist High thinks she saw "Rampart's"/Waist High's former husband's balls in his lady friend's purse. Waist High hopes he gets them back soon because Waist High and "Rampart" are the same age and Waist High doesn't yet believe she is old enough to have to "settle."

There is no experience quite like attending the high school graduation ceremony of your own child. Congratulations to my little "Miracle on 34th Street."