The Education Continues.

Desi: "I'm goin' crazy. You don't know how long it's been since I've had it."
Waist High: (Look of horror)
Desi: "I'm getting desperate. I might have to start brown bagging it."
Waist High: "What the fuck is that?"
Desi: "Put a bag over her head. Cut out holes for her eyes and mouth."
Waist High: (Look of horror)
Desi: "Cause at this point, I don't care if she has an ugly face. Just as long as her body is smokin."
Waist High: (Look of horror)
Desi: "You look horrified."
Waist High: "No, nothing you say horrifies me. You are the one who told me about 'Dog in a Bathtub' and the 'Jelly Donut.'"
Waist High: "And 'The Dirty Sanchez.'"
Waist High: "And 'Tea Bagging.'"
Waist High: "And 'The Shocker' you scumbag."
Desi: (Look of horror)
Waist High: (Look of horror)
Desi: "What about this. I could wrap a flag around her head, go to town on her and say I did it for my country."