Pierre, Readers. Readers, Meet Pierre.

Waist High gets love mail:
"I just wanted to thank you for your blog. I was driving back to work a few minutes ago, and the guy on the radio said happy birthday to John Taylor. I thought his birthday is on the 20th not the 22nd. Then I thought I can look at Waist High's blog because I know she will have said happy birthday to him. And, of course, I found I was right."

Waist High gets hate mail:
"Piss you, who gives a toss about the bloated corpses of these no hit wonders you call singers."

And then there is Pierre. Pierre's mail is always a mixture of love and hate, creepy stalker vibes, an enormous amount of respect for The Clash, and by GOD, the loveliest of sign offs ever:
"Need a good licking or seek to make homemade movies...call me!

"Peace, pleasure and licks to drop you to your KNEES,

"God bless and get naked already,

P.S. Anyone know what "Piss you" means?