Happy Birthday Neil Tennant.

While Neil Tennant has consistently and sincerely labelled the Pet Shop Boys' music as "disco," their music's trademark sound is a combination of pure synthesised pop, slightly over-the-top instrumentation, and Tennant's laconic vocals; sometimes spoken-word or rap.

Despite a history of implementing current musical trends from the underground into their productions, they have always maintained their own specific and defined sound. Their lyrics (mainly written by Tennant) have been described as articulate, stylish and poetic. Among their musical trademarks is the combining of pop hooks with detailed chord structures and soundscapes.

The Pet Shop Boys are one of the most consistently successful duos in pop music history. Since 1986, they have had 38 top 40 singles in the UK, and as of 2006, they have been remixed by over 80 different DJs and producers.

Their latest album, Fundamental, was released on the Parlophone label on May 22, 2006.

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