Seems I Was Just Wasting Their Time.

Betcha didn't know that "Waist High," and "Waste High" were submitted. Bastards didn't even have the decency to send me a rejection letter:

BAKERSFIELD - Kern County's growth has forced two new high schools to be built and the names of those high schools were chosen on Friday. The decision of the new school names comes after years of planning and months of name suggestions. In fact, there was a contest held to generate the names for the new schools.

On Friday, the top names were presented to the Kern High School District's board and a decision was made. The first school will be called "Mira Monte" which means "view of the mountains" in Spanish. It will be built at the corner of Redbank and Fairfax Roads in southeast Bakersfield.

The second school will be "Independence" and will be located in southwest Bakersfield, on the corner of Old River and McCutcheon Roads. The decision to build the new schools comes with the continual growth of Bakersfield.

"Almost every school in the Kern High School District if not every school is operating above a state capacity," said KHSD's John Teves.

Both Independence and Mira Monte High Schools are projected to open in August 2008. Groundbreaking will take place on July 18 and 19.

Material: kget.com