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Quarantined Man Says He Was Only Hung Over

SYDNEY, Australia (AP) - A man who was quarantined along with 59 other passengers who fell ill on an Australian cruise ship says he deserves a refund because he wasn't sick, just hung over.

A cruise ship owned by P&O Cruises Australia docked in Sydney on Friday after an outbreak of gastroenteritis sickened dozens of passengers during a 10-night cruise along the Queensland state coast.

Sick passengers were quarantined to prevent the gastroenteritis, which causes vomiting and diarrhea, from spreading.

But passenger Michael Wanless said he was wrongly quarantined after doctors confused his hangover for the illness.

"Quarantine me, that's fair enough, but I think that I'm entitled to be reimbursed for that part of the trip," he told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. on Friday.

The ship "Pacific Sun" was to be sanitized in Sydney, and P&O was providing free medical treatment to all infected passengers, the ABC said.

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