Happy Friday.

Is your Lovely Teenaged Daughter graduating from high school this evening?

"I personally don't think that an all-night graduation party will lower the number of people drinking that night. People won't be drinking at the party either way, but the risk lies in people leaving and getting drunk elsewhere. The motivation to do this is theoretically raised by the fact that there is an official graduation. I personally don't see the connection. If people really want to drink on grad night, they'll do that instead of the party. If they want to get drunk to celebrate graduating and also want to go to grad night, they can have their own drinking party at another time (like, for example, the day they actually graduate). In the end, most high school seniors are 18 when they graduate. We're legally adults and have the right to make our own choices and, quite frankly, I'm thoroughly disgusted with the individuals who can't seem to wrap their minds around the fact that we're not children anymore."
(William Hutchison)

Photo of Waist High on her graduation night courtesy: The Waist High Collection
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