Aaron Duran wasn't worried about 06-06-06.

"Do I think the world will end in a fiery blaze? Well, it might," he says.
The freelance writer and media producer joined like-minded celebrants for "Horns Across the Hawthorne."

Promoted by Portland Oregon radio station AM 970, the event aimed to spoof those who fear 666 -- also known as hexakosioihexekontahexaphobics. Duran and others assembled on the sidewalks of the Hawthorne Bridge and, at the stroke of 6:06 p.m., raised their arms and made the "devil's horns" hand sign. After the moment was captured on film, the group headed down to the appropriately named Dante's Lounge for festivities, including spinning the "Pentagram of Prizes."

"It's all in fun," says Duran, 30. "This is one of those things that makes Portland the greatest city in the world," he says. "Can you think of any other city where we could do this and not get burned at the stake?"

B&W photo: Jayesunn Krump via Vanished Twin Photography
Color photos: Joni DeRouchie via rickemerson.com
Material: oregonlive.com