Ah Yes. Something That Is Sponsored By Old Grand Dad.

Waist High this week has received more e-mails, links, 'pictures as gifts,' and questions about her breasts disguised as questions about a t-shirt, than any week in the history of Waist High. And because, thank God, Waist High does not have public comments, you my fine readers have been left out of all the fun. And this, I can not do to you.

Revealing to you my answers, will more than likely reveal to you the questions.

Yes, my breasts are real. Yes, I know they are perky for a 38 year old. Yes, it is a recent picture. I don't know, it is probably the padded bra. I marched into the front office of West High School, asked to talk to the activities director, and asked if she had any t-shirts for sale. No, I never mentioned that I was Waist High to try to get free t-shirts. I can not reveal the identity of "Tri-Tip." Yes, he is funny. Yes, he knows that everything he says could possibly end up on Waist High. Most of my quotes of the week come from him. Yes, he can have his very own "Quote of the Week." Yes, I get hate mail. Yes, the "mild" mannered Waist High felt the use of the words M***** F***** were appropriate for the situation. No, I have never tried Clamato and beer. It sounds sick. No, I do not need anymore pictures of Old Grand Dad related things. Thank you for the Old Grand Dad quote. No, you are not bothering me.

Jake "The Skate" Soros: "I'm pretty happy where I'm at. Just doing my thing, figuring some shit out. I have a couple of friends who went straight, they have pretty good jobs now. I've been thinking about going back and finishing college. Did you know I was a business major? True story. I was going to be a stock broker like my Granddad. Man, I miss that stuff."
J. Waller: "College?"
Jake "The Skate" Soros: "No, Old Grand Dad Whiskey. Smooooth."

Photo: transchool.eustis.army.mil
Quote: moderndrunkardmagazine.com via a devoted Waist High reader