Cast Of Characters Update.

KERN COUNTY DRUNKARD: Don't know. Thank God.

RAMPART: The back story is that a "slightly tipsy" classmate and friend telephoned Waist High this week and left a mostly incoherent voice mail. What Waist High was able to make out was that she was wondering if Waist High still had the master list to a scavenger hunt hosted by Waist High in 1985. Waist High, remembering that she last saw the list at the home of Rampart, telephoned him Thursday and queried him as to its whereabouts. Before hanging up the phone angrily on Waist High, asked, "So is this the kind of stuff that causes you consternation?" Waist High forgot to ask if he is still giving her a lift to the reunion.

LOVELY TEENAGED DAUGHTER: Attending her senior prom this evening, but not after demanding that Waist High spend the better part of an entire paycheck on manicures, pedicures, and an "up-do." Hasn't yet had the courage to be honest and just ask for that beer money. Waist High chooses to believe that Lovely Teenaged Daughter will spend the evening drinking milk, reading the bible, and having loving thoughts about the beautiful woman that raised her, and who regrettably once told her, "I will never tell you not to do anything I have done."

THE STRANGER: Will be out on the town with Waist High this evening. And because Waist High can not talk about her love life on the internet, this is where the update ends.

TRI-TIP: Regarding the upcoming West High School Class of 1986 20 Year Reunion, told Waist High, "If it doesn't happen, fuck it. We're going to Cabo!"

PRISCILLA: Waist High's new best friend. Told Waist High this week that Waist High didn't really need to lose weight to attend her 20 year high school reunion. Also believes that Green Day makes good music, so there you go.

DESI: Will be in attendance at the same event that Waist High and The Stranger will be in attendance at this evening. At which time he has promised not to mention to The Stranger that Waist High regularly tells him intimate details of all kinds of things that Waist High and The Stranger have done, because Waist High "never thought you two would ever interface again." Reminded Waist High on Friday that she does in fact need to lose weight for her 20 year reunion.