Happy Birthday Dale Bozzio.

Terry Bozzio, a one time drummer in Frank Zappa's backing group, married the former Dale Consalvi in 1979, and one year later they started the band U.S. Drag which went on to become Missing Persons.

Missing Persons featured fellow Zappa alumni, guitarist Warren Cuccurullo, bassist Patrick O' Hearn, and keyboardist Chuck Wild. Dale Bozzio, with her shocking pink hair and space age outfits, was clearly the focal point of the band. After nailing the L.A. club circuit, Missing Persons released their self-titled EP in 1981. Capitol Records picked up the EP and re-released it with the single "Destination Unknown" just missing the Top 40.

Spring Session M, an anagram of Missing Persons, was the title of the group's first full-length album and boasted the classics "Walking In L.A.," "Noticeable One," "Words," and "Mental Hopscotch." 1984's Rhyme and Reason features the Waist High all time favorite "Surrender Your Heart."

Material: rockintown.com
Photo courtesy: bobleafe.com