By "Treating" I Simply Mean Gracing Me With Her Presence.

There will be a celebration tonight at Waist High's favorite Portland restaurant, for three things:

First, My Lovely Teenaged Daughter is treating me to dinner for my 38th birthday. At which time she will be told five things:
1. Stanford University
is eliminating tuition for broke families. So would she please reconsider that whole "Beauty School" thing?
2. I will never not know the answer when you, or anyone for that matter, asks "Who sings this?" Robbie Robertson? Are you kidding? That's child's play.
3. I honestly did not know until last week that Tom, the founder of myspace, becomes everybody's friend when they sign up.
4. Smoking is bad. I'm just saying.
5. That it was funny the first time her 38 year old father called me an "Old Bird." Now, it is no longer funny.

Second, the ill bred Waist High will be celebrating that promotion she received several weeks back, whereby she now supervises. Other people of all things. A moment of silence will be observed to honor the moment immediately after Waist High was given said promotion and then promptly exclaimed, with no shame whatsoever, "Gimme a vacation request sheet, I am taking a week off! I need to get the fuck out of this place for a while!"

And finally, the Waist High "West High School Photo Collection," the largest West High School photo collection in the world, is complete. Two long years later and this "Old Bird" can actually say that she is SICK OF LOOKING AT THE PLACE.

Photo courtesy: The Waist High Collection