It's White Here Alright.

Bakersfield's Prussian Blue, "ethnic cleansing's hottest act," and family are moving north. While preferring "not to get too specific," it sounds like Portland to me.

"That, and the fact that they would really like it if white people could have their very own nation (the Pacific Northwest would be awesome), free from the degenerate and corrupting influence of Jews, blacks, and other 'muds,' the neat catchall applied to basically everyone else. They live in fear that rampant race mixing will put blue-eyed blonds on the endangered-species list within a few generations. And if it takes a race war to preserve their people and make, say, Portland, Oregon, a whiter shade of pale, well, let's get it on."

The Gaede family is planning to quit California, or "Mexifornia," as they like to call it. "For good. They are busily packing for the trip, which will take them somewhere 'with lots of snow,' April says, although she prefers not to get too specific."

First ice storm and they'll be out of here.